Life Upgradation is always a work in progress. Hence it is essential to have continuous mentoring and coaching. I have been mentoring tens and thousands of people to Upgrade their Lives in all areas. However, with the advent of technology and online possibilities, I am planning to touch with more people. Also for such a continuous upgradation, you need to be part of the right community which is supportive. Here I am giving an opportunity to all of you, who are planning to Upgrade life with my mentorship, to be part of a community called Superhuman Tribe.

You may subscribe to one of the LIMITLESS LIFE plans and show your commitment to yourself.


Begin the Limitless Life Today


$20 Only

Introductory Offer - $10 Only

  • Exclusive Live Sessions
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • 01 eBooks written
  • 10% Discount on my courses/programs
  • 10% Discount on Biohacking tools & products
  • Basic membership in Superhuman Community*
  • Sarva membership in Limoverse*
  • 300 Limo points


$200 Only

Introductory Offer - $100 Only

  • Exclusive Live Sessions
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • 03 eBooks written
  • 20% Discount on my courses/programs
  • 20% Discount on Biohacking tools & products
  • Premium membership in Superhuman Community*
  • Loka membership in Limoverse*
  • 4000 Limo points

*Superhuman Community Membership – A private social media group managed by me.

• Basic– You will have a profile page. You can post, share, comment, like posts.

• Premium – You will part of my Inner Circle group. There will be special sessions for the members.

*Limoverse – This is a global health and wellness ecosystem built on blockchain, powered with a Utility Token called Limo. You can get connected with health and wellness professionals and institutions globally.

• Sarva - you will have access to lots of wellness related information and trainings. Sessions by experts on Yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition etc.

• Loka – this is an exclusive zone where you can have personal consultations with wellness experts from around the globe.

• Limo points – These are reward points from Limoverse, which would get converted to Limo Tokens and can be used in Limoverse ecosystem or can be kept as an asset.

About Me

Sajeev Nair is a celebrated Peak Performance Strategist. He has helped more than 300 companies in India and Middle East to re-engineer their businesses. Some of them have been real turn around stories while scaling up of businesses have been quite common.

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